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The Svemir Ship Management

Company offers a full range of tailor made solutions to our local and international customers.


We are strictly engaging highly experienced superintendents who take care of all requirements to secure our clients’ commercial success. 


Their comprehensive work from the office as well as their

regular attendance on board is supported by a planned maintenance system.

We anytime offer

our very best.

With all these services we can provide the full management of

your vessel.

Our highly experienced super-intendents and engineers take

care of the ... read more


Our Crew Management service contains the recruitment of the dedicated ... read more

An efficient procurement of the daily consumables on board as well as any kind ... read more

Safety and security are of major importance in a labor intensive

and capital ... read more

Apart from acting as classical ship-brokers for all kind of bulk commodities for our ... read more

Apart from acting as classical ship-brokers for all kind of bulk

commodities for our ... read more

About Svemir Ship Management GmbH & Co. KG

Ship Management GmbH & Co. KG is headed

by the two shareholders Boris Behm and Yury Musienko.


Boris Behm, 44, has a combined experience

in ship broking, commercial management and ship management for more than 20 years.


Boris started his career at Russochart Shipping in 1994 in operations & chartering. Boris holds an MBA in Shipping from the Hamburg School

of Business Administration and a degree as Shipping Merchant from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. 


Yury Musienko, 53, has a combined industry experience in navigation, chartering and technical management for more than 30 years.

Prior to Svemir he worked with Russochart

Shipping and Novoship as a chartering broker. Yury startet his career at Novoship in 1984 as a Deck Officer on bulkers and tankers and was sailing the seas for eight years upto the position of a Chief-Mate.


Yury holds a patent as Engineer Navigator from the Highest Engineering Academy Novorossiysk.


As from 1994 until 1996 Boris and Yury used to work together at a Hamburg based ship broking firm. In 1996 they jointly set-up Svemir Shipping. The different backround of the two shareholders with their nautical and commercial experience of over a decade in the shipping industry secures the fundamental know-how of the company that is being provided to its clients.

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