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& Consulting

offered to you by Svemir Shipping, a consolidated

companie of the Svemir Group, Hamburg.


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The Svemir Group of companies comprises three entities:

Svemir Shipping GmbH, Svemir Ship Management GmbH & Co. KG and Svemir Maritime Invest GmbH & Co. KG. These consolidated companies offer a full range of services around the ship from the Project Development to the entire Commercial and Technical Management including Crewing, all fully complying with the legal requirements and regulations of the German Tonnage Tax System.

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Commercial Management

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Apart from acting as classical shipbrokers for all kind of bulk commodities for our principals being shippers and/or charterers on one side and ship owners on the other side we also provide full commercial management including assistance for sale & purchase of maritime assets ...


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Apart from our brokerage and ship management activities we also offer our expertise for special proceedings to our customers. This includes all kinds of advisory services around general maritime topics as well as for individual cargo ships. Our Consulting services comprehend ...

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