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• Qualified seafarers 


• Pre-Employment assessment 


• Performance control 


• Familirization & Training 


• Crew travel arrangements 


The key to your success is able manpower. Our service is supported by a globally installed crewing system to employ the appropriate seafarers for the individual purpose.


Our Crew Management service contains the recruitment of the dedicated seafarers and their detailed pre-employment assessment. This strict assessment process is performed in partnership with local crew-agencies at all major seafarer locations around the globe. 


Our Crew Management Service includes the deployment of individual seafarers and familiari-zation of each crew-member prior boarding.

Furthermore we arrange an individually extensive briefing of the ship’s key-personnel and take care of all crew-change and travel arrangements.


We offer a full accounting and payroll service and the regular monitoring of the performance of each seafarer, including a re-joining assessment and -

planning as well as the ad-hoc-replacement in case of crew-default.

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